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MPS-ABC is not just another certificate. MPS-ABC works like a rating scale, indicating the level of sustainability of your operations management. It is a rating assessment of the company. The rating scale goes from 0 to 100 points. The scale is stipulated 4 times per year and based on the use of fertilizers, energy, crop protection agents, water and waste. The total usage of the company is compared to that of companies with similar cultivations. Companies with lowest usage are rated highest. Besides, companies may be awarded up to 10 extra points for using environmentally certified parental material.


The total score for usage determines the company’s qualification. While starting at the level of MPS-D (MPS-Participant), they can work their way up to MPS-C, MPS-B, and finally MPS-A (very environment-friendly company). The qualification scheme stimulates participating companies to keep on searching for environmentally sound production methods. This approach has made MPS-ABC a unique assessment system/score card that is internationally recognized and accepted. By using the MPS logo the products are clearly recognizable throughout the production chain. At a single glance, buyers can tell that the products come from an MPS-participating company. Moreover, they are able to trace these products back to the company because their participant number is included in the MPS logo. Buyers can also request information on MPS participating companies through the website of MPS. MPS has qualification logos for MPS-A,-B, -C, and -D.